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Magdalen Court School curriculum prepares pupils to become confident learners who can access higher/further education, join the world of work and actively participate in society and their community. 

Magdalen Court School delivers the curriculum in a safe, nurturing, and warm environment to ensure pupils with high anxiety and communication and interaction needs can confidently engage in their learning.


The Curriculum at Magdalen Court School is implemented through defined accreditation pathways delivered within an enhanced resource provision to pupils with Education Health Care Plans.  Personalised accreditation planning ensures pupils can access the appropriate level and number of accredited qualifications.

The curriculum offer is supported by therapeutic interventions, therapy informed practice, trauma informed practice – delivered as part of quality first teaching and specific group and individual interventions.

Magdalen Court School curriculum includes accredited Outdoor Education offer.


Magdalen Court School prepares confident learners who are ready and equipped to apply their learning in range of settings beyond school life.