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The Abbot's Way

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The Abbot's Way runs across the southern part of the moor.
They think the route was used by tradsmen, rather than monks, traveling between the two market towns..
It's quite a challenging route, as there is no well defined path or route marks.
Originally stone crosses & marking stones would have marked the route, but only a few of these now remain.
The route starts at Cross Furzes, near Buckfast Abbey.

Organised by:
West Devon Youth Network

Tavistock Adventure Group


Route: (2003)                                          Time  Distance
Buckfast Abbey                        742673                
Cross Roads                               732673    0:20    1.4k
Cross Furzes                              700667    0:08    2.9k              Check Point / Exit
Huntingdon Cross                    663662     1:04    4.3k              Check Point
Crossways                                  647659    1:21    3.8k             Check Point / Exit
Broad Rock                                 618673    0:48    3.0k             Check Point
Nuns Cross                                606698    1:00    3.7k
Peat Cott                                     603710    0:21    1.4k             Check Point / Exit           First Aid Post
Princetown Primary School     (not part of the route)                                                       First Aid Post
Lower South Hessary              592732    0:36    2.4k             Check Point / Exit
North Hessary Tor                   579742    0:38    1.8k             Check Point / Exit
Merrivale                                    553750    0:47    3.1k             Check Point / Exit          4:30pm check point close            First Aid Post
Feather Tor Cross                     535743    0:34    2.1k
Moortown                                  527739    0:12    0.8k             DRC Monitor Point
Whitchurch Down                    506736    0:40    2.2k             Check Point / Exit             6pm check point close
Whitchurch Down Cross         493738    0:23    1.5k
Tavistock College                     475736    0:26    1.7k                  Finish    
                      7pm check point close                 First Aid Post

Click on this link or the map below for a detailed 1:25000 route map across the moor.

Magdalen Court School Abbot's Way

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