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Revision Planners

Revision Urgent

You should complete and use two types of revision timetables. Stick both your revision planners somewhere ‘public’ in the house such as on the fridge or on the kitchen door. This way your parents can help you follow the timetable and perhaps reward your hard work! Tick off each part of the short and long term planners as you go to give you a sense of achievement and to mark your progress towards that 10 week holiday!

(i) long term monthly planner

  • The best starting point is to mark the dates and times of all of your exams on the long term monthly planning timetables so you can see the timing and pattern of your exams.
  • Then fill in any regular commitments or events you have coming up e.g. birthdays, sports events, youth club.
  • Next, write in what subjects you will revise on each day bearing in mind the timing of your exams. It is recommended to revise two or three different subjects each day to stop you getting bored!
  • Make sure you cover all topics and think carefully about the amount of time you need to devote to each subject depending on how easy you find the work and how much the exam is worth towards your final grade.

(ii) short term weekly planner
  • After completing the long term planner, think in more detail about the next week. Write the specific topics/units from the subjects you will revise on each day.
  • Aim to revise for at least 6 hours a day on days when you don’t have any exams.
  • Remember it is best to structure your revision into 2 hour blocks and then revise for 20-30 minutes sessions split up by short 5 minute breaks. In your breaks have a drink or send a quick text. For most people this helps your memory recall information. At the start of each 20-30 session quickly review or ‘go over’ what you learnt in the last session as this also helps to increase recall.
  • Try to plan most of your revision for the morning and early afternoon when you are fresh and alert and then do something relaxing in the evening.
  • Write onto the weekly planner the fun things you are going to do like meeting up with friends. This will give you something to look forward to when you’re hard at work!


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